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Can someone compare the MP w a Head I.prestige MP or even the current prestige MP? I hit with the head recently w freshly strung poly and I was pleasantly surprised. Or even compare it to the volkl pb10 mp

I have been wanitng to demo the redondo mp though and know its best to. Just wondering since the specs of both are appealing and also looking to hear feedback to know if it's worth to order a demo.

I currently playing with a BB London that is weighted up to 12 oz most of the time. I do put in the rotation a volkl pb10 mp w leather and an early 90s Mizuno Turbo Pro 90 that is 13+ oz. even w a 16x19 bed it plays more like an 18x20 because the string pattern gets really dense in the sweet spot.

I've been recovering fr elbow problems and just now getting back to polys after almost 2 years playing multi and syn guts.

Married into a tennis fam-trying2keep up after4knee surgeries. I almost have more racquets than my wife and in-laws (don't tell the wife)
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