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Are you seriously this dense, or do you just enjoy arguing for no reason? Everything you posted, EVERYTHING, supports what I've been saying. Dwell time and ball pocketing as being discussed here are a SENSATION. The fact that Genesis Black Magic and Typhoon produce more dwell time than say Prince Synthetic gut are simply sensational experiences. As your own information posted, the amount of variance in the time the ball spends on the strings is 1-2 milliseconds which you cannot even register. Seriously, I'm doing my best here to not just call you a troll because you do this in every single thread, but it's getting quite annoying. A one millisecond difference in time on the stringbed is measurable ONLY in a controlled situation, and depends on so many factors which vary from player to player, and yet certain strings are said to give more pocketing than others. That is a feeling, and nothing more. Your mind cannot even process a stimulus of 6ms as being longer than one of 4 or 5ms. Nerves simply are not able to respond that quickly. You're arguing as though that increase in contact time is what leads to the sensation of increased ball pocketing. Your nervous system literally is not sensitive enough to register that change. What you're experiencing is a complex series of vibrations and stimuli which give you certain feedback about how you hit the ball. Again, and hopefully for the last time, dwell time, pocketing, whatever you want to call it, is a sensation caused by a complex series of interactions. It is not the fact that the ball is actually sitting on the stringbed significantly longer for certain strings because even using the maximum variance of 3ms as posted in your information would not even register.
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