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OP, let me make this as simple as possible. String up Genesis Typhoon, Dunlop Black Widow or Genesis Black Magic. Go for a hit. You will get that ball pocketing that you're talking about. String up Gosen OGSM. You will not get that same feeling. In both cases, the ball will be on the strings for fractionally longer with the Gosen than with the polys simply because the Gosen is more elastic. This is the point I have been trying to make all along. The sensation of pocketing and dwell is not due to the ball actually being on the strings for a longer period of time, to answer your initial question. It's due to how the strings respond to being hit, and how they send their reaction through the frame. Black Magic is well known to give the feeling that the ball sinks into the stringbed. Solinco Tour Bite or Signum Pro Tornado, however, are not known for great dwell time. However, the spin potential of Tour Bite is almost universally stated as being one of the greatest of all poly strings. So, if the amount of string bed contact is more or less the same across strings, let alone the same material, then no, dwell time does not increase spin potential.
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