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Originally Posted by watergirl View Post
The D1 tennis coaches in our town get a free, new model car to drive. According to one of the car dealership owners, this is common through out the US for D1 coaches for all sports.
Yes, all head coaches at Florida get dealer car from Buick. The Buick dealer gets a considerable amount of season tickets to football and basketball in return as well as advertising.

Coaches also get cash bonuses for SEC titles and National titles. They also get a good payout for camps, but some coaches waive most of that so assistants can get more. Nike also gives plenty of clothing and shoe allowances.

So it would be reasonable to assume that Bryan and Roland get about $12k in car, $10k from camp, $5k in clothing and Roland probably banked another $40k in championship bonuses. On top of a 150+ base, they are living comfortably. Those amounts are not even close to CEO perks and benefits. Yet these folks live a very public and scrutinized life.

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