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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
I have to agree with drakulie.
Both will give a tighter stringbed, but for different reasons and with a different effect on the overall life of the string.
There are many techniques that will produce a tighter stringbed, such as straightening the string while you pull the cross.
'Better'?... a matter of opinion.
Consistency is still the key.
I would have to disagree with both of you. If you are pulling with a constant pull would it be better to pull twice? No just different and yes it would produce a tighter stringbed because you are pulling for a longer length of time. But you could do the same thing by pulling longer with one pull.

Does the OP have a constant pull machine? No if he uses a NEOS it is a lockout machine. Pulling twice on a lockout does have some distinct advantages. And right up at the top of the list is tension loss. By pulling twice with a lockout machine you reduce tension loss. Would you consider a strung racket that holds it tension for a longer period of time a better string job? I would. Now there is also the theory that you have to break a new string job in first before it feels right so you let the racket sit for a while or play with it until it loosens up. But that 's a different argument.

So let's ask the question this way. If the price of a constant pull electronic we're the same as a lockout which one would you buy? Now keep in mind a constant pull machine does just what the OP is asking. It pulls more than once. It just pulls and pulls until you stop it. A lockout doesn't it pull once and locks out. Now if you chose the electronic you are also saying multiple pulls is better than one. An electronic tensioner is no more accurate than a lockout.

I agree tensioning and pre-stretching are two different things sometimes but some tensioning head do have a pre-stretch function that is different from what I call manually pre-stretching string.

EDIT: I looked back over this thread and the OP said he did have a lockout (an old Alpha) and he like a boardy stringbed. So for his specific application two pulls would be better.
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