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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
A nice mixture of different Rock families.I agree on many of those but IMO Police are overrated ( due to Sting´s undeniable charisma ).They were good but not top ten stuff IMO...a R&R thread, tough, would be much more bloody that the already bloody tennis ones.Imagine, those old guys like me who defend Laver ,Hoad,Rosewall and others against the teengaer fans, how would defend Led Zep or Who against the million Lady gaga,Bieber millions of teen fans around those boardsĦĦĦĦ I am sure I´d get banned on every post.
Regarding music and teen fans etc - the following statement rings true... "In years gone by, if you were special you became famous, these days if your famous your considered special"!
I would'nt consider myself old (44) but I think Hoad, Laver, Rosewall, Connors, Borg, McEnroe etc would be just as good as Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Sampras, Agassi, Becker etc if they had today's equipment & balls!
I remember watching Connors aged 34 (nearly 35) in 1987 beat Cash (that year's Wimbledon champion) in the semi-final in straight sets and then next day play Becker in The Queens Club final, I sat in the front row behind the court both times, Connors was a set & break up against the defending Wimbledon champion. He was taking Becker & his game apart only to get a few tough line calls and ended up losing in three very close sets.
Hoad v Djokovic 6 - 4
Laver v Becker 7 - 3
Rosewall v Nadal 3 - 7
Connors v Sampras 5 - 5
Mcenroe v Agassi 5 - 5
Borg v Federer 4 -6
Looking forward to Kiki's and everyone elses 'Prime head to head's........
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