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Default poly experiment advice

I have a spare pack of BHB7 lying around (don't know why, just found it) and wanted to string it up as an experiment (full bed). I'm using a Head YT Rad MP.

I want to do a side by side playability test between that and my usual go-to string right now, Babolat Nv. Y. I have that strung up @ 62 lbs., so obviously I like control and low power.

What should I string my BHB7 at? I hear LOTS of different opinions, and right now the range of potential tensions run from 30 lbs to 60 lbs. Since that's such a huge swing, I need to know where to start.

I hear lots of good things about stringing @ 30 lbs, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep the ball in (too powerful due to trampoline effect). I'm also afraid of stringing @ close to 60 lbs since the stiffness may be too much for my arm.

I'd like a tension that is definitely geared for control and low power (like syn gut @ 62 lbs), but not so stiff that it shreds my arm.

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