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Default Lessons Learned

Thanks to all of you for helping me learn a lot. The biggest things I have learned are:

1. Never mention dwell time again.

2. Talk about ball pocketing instead. Objective laboratory ball pocketing, not subjective. Some of you seem to think ball pocketing increases spin potential. Maybe? It does for me because the "string/ball friction" is increased. I think of the strings wrapping around the ball like a v belt on a pulley. The greater the angle of wrap, the more "friction" is present.

3. A significant component of spin, particularly topspin as an example, is caused by the movement of the mains along the crosses during impact and their attendant spring back to their original position as the ball leaves the string bed. A minimal amount of "string/string" friction is best for this. More initial movement along the crosses is a good thing so long as the mains spring back to their original location.

4. The "string/string friction" example explains why my gut mains have so much less fraying with a smooth poly cross than with a gut cross.

5. We never got to the open versus closed stringbed, but I guess that can wait for another session. The open stringbeds would seem to have more ball pocketing for sure. Right?

Thanks again. Be sure and let me know if I have learned anything incorrect, as I am sure some of you will do.


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