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Originally Posted by 3fees View Post
What is the real caloric rate for tennis?

From Dr John McMurray, Cornell University and me.

This depends on sex,age,weight, and physcial condition.

Firstly you have to get the BMR-Basal metabolic rate-this is the amount of energy an organism expends per unit time to be alive--woo,,woo.

BMR- is measured by monitoring respiration and finding the rate of oxygen consumed-- For Humans,dogs,cats,etc-running on a treadmill with a mask and measuring CO2 exhaled by sensors and then correlated thru expensive medical computers and programs.

BMR as a rule, is lower for older people than younger people,lower for wenches(females) than for males,lower for people in good physcial condition than for those who are out of shape and overweight. Unusal High BMR can be caused by fevers or abnormal biochemical activity.

The total number of calories a person needs is the sum of BMR and physcial activity done--long distance runners can use 10,000 calories above BMR

Energy cost of various activities
Sleeping(many on this forum) 1.2 kcal/min
sitting,reading 1.6
standing still 1.8
walking 3-6
Tennis 7-9
walking up stairs 10-18
running 9-22
for 70 kg man

Human BMR is 65kcal/hr or 1600kcal/day

So fur tennis 65 kcal/hr-BMR + ~8 kcal/min (hour ~ 480kcal/hr) total is 545 kcal/hr ~ 545 C/hr..large C=1000 small c.

The BMR machine is what Medical Doctors use to measure BMR and cost more than a Ferrari Testarossa,,so I would not give to much belief to these cheap devices claiming to measure calories burnt,,you get what you pay for,,all that glitters is not necessarily gold..woo,woo.
Where did you get those numbers??? I'm between 72-75 kg (depending on season...and level of physical activity) and a pretty close to your example but I very much doubt I consume more calories walking up some stairs when compared with playing tennis.
If somebody burns more calories by walking upstairs than by playing tennis...then they are probably not playing tennis but just joking around and/or missing every other ball.
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