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Default Grommets and Bumper Guards Prince, Wilson, Dunlop

Here are some bumper guards that I have for sale. For the two that I don't know that rackets (Wilson, Dunlop) I listed some specs to help you determine if the bumper is for your racket.


4x Prince NXG Graphite O/S
2x Prince O3 White 100
1x Prince O3 White 100 (only top bumper) $5
2x Prince Thundercloud Ti O/S
1x Prince B/G TT Grap MP
1x Prince B/G O/S


2x Wilson P/S CLS 6.1 MP STRH
2x Wilson NTourTwo 105
1x Wilson Hyper HMR 6.2 95 STRH

1x Wilson Probably 110 or bigger, 16x20, Skip T7, T9, B7, B9 Top bumper is 15 3/8 in. x 7/8 in.


1x Dunlop Probably 90, 16x19, Skip T7, T9, B7, B9 says YT090 under bumper, Top bumper is 13 5/8 in. x 7/8 in.

Individual grommets are $8 ea. + shipping. If buying more than 1 set of grommets they are $6 ea. + shpping. Please email:

oorange 614 @ gmail .com (note 2 Os in oorange)

I also have some rackets for sale as well. If buying a racket and grommets there won't be a shipping charge for grommets so check out my rackets too!
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