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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I think Houston has better shotblockers than GS had last year. Every guard get's beat to the hole. It's up to the 4 and 5 guys to change his layup.
My take is Curray and Ellis were better players than Harden. Harden thrived as a 6th man. How many 6th men come into their own starting?
Lin is 6'3", Harden a couple inches taller. Big enough.
And no, I"m not a believer in guards winning anything by themselves. You still need the rebounders, the intimidators, and some change of pace.

Good call on Harden not being able to handle the load. Who really needs a guy who put up 37 points and 12 assists in a system hes only been able to learn in 24 hours? You would really take either Curry or Ellis ahead of Harden?
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