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Default How many more Slams should the games legends really have won?

Hoad, Laver, Rosewall, Newcombe, Connors, Borg, Vilas, McEnroe, Lendl, Becker, Wilander, Edberg, Agassi, Sampras?

Ok i'll start off with Connors as an example....
Should certainly have won the 3 Slam finals he lost in 1975! Let fame and burgers get to him.
None in 76.
Lost 2 finals in 77 Borg @ Wimbledon, many can argure he should have won this match, but no he just lost a close match. Should have beaten Vilas at the US open no doubt at all, but let the crowd totally physch him out.
78,79,80 & 81, couple of close 5 set semi-finals, but nothing here 'Connors wilderness years.
83 & 85 Wimbledon's, two losses to Kevin Curren when Connors was outstanding, especially in 83 - these losses irk me, the 83 4th round match when he was put out on court 2 'the graveyard' (Can't really count these he lost too early, only final losses count)!
So all in all he won 8 slams but should have been Grand Slam singles champions on 12 occasions.
Over to you experts......

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