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In Connors' case i find it more interesting, if we speculate (reasonably) about the circumstances of his era, which he couldn't change. Just imagine for a moment the situation of today with the majors surfaces clay, slow grass, and hard court and put it into the time frame of 1975-1983. Hard court was certainly Connors' best surface. Its not a stretch of imagniation, that he would have won 7 US opens on a hard court, when they had laid down a hard court instead of har tru at Forest Hills. He was in all finals anyway 1974-1977, but imo would have beaten Orantes and Vilas. Connors was vulnerable on grass, because of his pretty weak serve and his low forehand weakness, but it could be that he would have fared better on the slow grass of today (for instance against Ashe, Newcombe or McEnroe). Given he would have more participated, on the AO with a modern slower hard court, he could well have won the same amount of events like Agassi, who did very well at AO. So just this example of Connors shows, that the circumstances of previous eras era are be considered. The historical situation however gave Connors a record that will never be beaten: that he won the USO on 3 different surfaces.
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