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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Harden has a career game, and you think he's the allstar of basketball?
MontaEllis scored over 40 more than 5 times. Is he your allstar
Good players get into the zone. Don't expect Harden to average 30 over 3 games.

I am not basing it on one game, I have thought Harden was better than either Curry or Ellis for a good while. The fact that he just signed a 5 yr 80 million dollar deal and the Warriors shocked people by giving Curry a 4 yr 40 million dollar deal shows that I am not the only one who would take Harden over Curry. I never said I thought Harden was a max player but I'd prefer him over the 2 you mentioned. Curry cant play 3 weeks without rolling his ankle.
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