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Default SUPER SMASH ORANGE 1.23mm, A Halloween TREAT

Arrived on Halloween, despite Sandy's impact. I hope everyone impacted recovers soon. The string will be tested on indoor clay and hard courts, unless the weather warms up before the deadline.

Tension used for playtest 48 pounds
Regular string set up sub 1.30 mm poly
Racquet brand and model used for test Prince Speedport Gold 110 strung two piece normal coil memory for a poly no problem with string length
Power of test string: average for a softer feeling poly
Feel: Drop shots were tricky as they all are with full poly for me.
Spin: A bit better than Super Smash yellow, a little less than Beast
Comfort :Fairly comfortable for full poly, but I have no string related injuries that cause many people to bash poly
Durability:, I do not break polys, the will start to slide on me, these strings have 10.5 hours on them as of Nov 10,2012.
Playability Duration: Spin production dropped of some at the 8.5 hour mark. As this was over eight days, I'm happy.After two weeks it lost some snap back, notching was minor just 14 hours total,mostly on clay
Control This string plays a bit better than Honey. It gave me predictable response on serves and ground strokes. As usual for me, the drop shot took some time to get the feel for
Compare to the string you use most often
Tension recommendations; For me the tension will be the same for me when I use this string again.
Summary:I would like this string in a thinner gauge, or perhaps in 1.40mm for the upcoming wider spaced frames. The color struck a positive chord with me

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