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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I thought OKC's offer for Harden was consideraby lower, and they should know better than Houston. OTOH, having already two allstars who want/can handle the ball, there's a glut there.
Houston tends to overpay, methinks.
Curry's downside is the ankle, which precludes any huge contract offers. The two are tied together, and separate from his ability on the court.
Curry is always hurt. The ability maybe there but will we ever know?

Ellis is one of the least effiecient scorers in the league.

I will take Harden over both of them.

I garuntee you the Spurs would have rathjer face Ellis coming of the bench when they were up 2-0 to OKC. Harden killed them.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Harden is better than Ellis and curry. He can play multiple positions, has a very well rounded game, can defend as well. Ellis and curry are good but mainly just at scoring. Curry is a pretty good passer. I will give him that.
Gimmie Harden all day over both of them guys.

Curry is decent when he is on the florr at 100%. Haden does have more body so can guard a few of the bigger guys that curry cant.

Ellis is also small to be guarding SGs.
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