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Originally Posted by pepka View Post
Lakers problem isn't Princetone offense. It's Mike Brown. His rotations SUCKS. He plays guys out of their positions. He can't make an in game adjustments to save his life. Then, there is his minute management. (Gasol was 2nd in minutes played last season in the entire NBA). Dude is 32y/o, 7' tall, white and plays for his national team. How can you play Kobe (on bum foot) 40mins on back to back nights? MB needs to go.
Agree with Brown. He took a team with Lebron into teh NBA finals and got swept. Im sorry you have LeBron you should at least be able to win one game.

He is not a good head coach. There really are not many in the NBA that are. Brown has had time to learn enough to figure it out.

Remeber Doc Rivers was not very good his first couple years. Then he figured it out. Brown will not.
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