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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Your missing the whole point.
What you say is well written but obvious. Any good tennis player will know in their heart of heart's, matches they should have certainly have won. Not close matches they can speculate about.
If you were/are a good tennis player, you will be able to put yourself in the players shoes and see it from their perspective.
Hence Connors lost two Slam finals in 1977, a closer one to Borg, but he should'nt have won, but should have won the US v
Anyway isn't this a 'Former Pro Player Talk'?! Why are you mentioning Federer?
You have a better case if you talk about injuries.
Connors injured his hand just prior to the 1977 Wimbledon final. In 1975, Connors injured his leg just before the Wimbledon final.
Newk sprained his ankle after winning the first set of the 1966 Forest Hills final.
Hoad's back acted up after Wimbledon in 1956, and was not recovered in the 1956 Forest Hills final.
Crawford was fed alcohol by misguided friends and this cost him the 1933 Forest Hills final.
Get the idea?
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