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Maybe I"m not the wisest of the basketball critics.....
How can 2-3" of height make any difference in defense? Even giving away 20-30- lbs shouldn't matter much, because defense is positioning, and the desire to stay between your man and the basket. Defense is about being active, moving your feet, staying in balance, and knowing what's behind you and where to steer your man.
I know commentators are always pointing out pure physical size. They are pointing out only the basics for the average beer drinking, tv watching joe.
Lots of great defensive players are not bigger than the guys they defend. They have to be smarter, to WANT to play defense, to be active with their feet AND their hands, to watch film to notice tendencies, and to play tough when possible.
2-4" at the point makes no difference, just like that difference at the 2 or 3 or 4 makes no difference.
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