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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Agree with Brown. He took a team with Lebron into teh NBA finals and got swept. Im sorry you have LeBron you should at least be able to win one game.

He is not a good head coach. There really are not many in the NBA that are. Brown has had time to learn enough to figure it out.

Remeber Doc Rivers was not very good his first couple years. Then he figured it out. Brown will not.
When your 2nd best player is Boobie Gibson and you're going against a dynasty, you get swept. LeBron's the only reason they even got to the finals and past Detroit. Brown is on the hottest of hot seats already, If LA is under .500 after November he'll get canned.

Doc was decent in Orlando, then had a terrible roster his first few years in Boston before the big 3 came in. Plus Doc at least was a good player and players will respect that. Brown on the other hand....

in other news, to go back to a story from last year - Eric Gordon, who was supposed to be NO's great return in the CP3 trade, is still 'hurt' and sitting out. The coach doesn't buy it though.

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