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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Communicated with Daniel @ Babolat. Nice to have some brand representation here & upfront about it too, even if some of you tried your best to make him unwelcome.


P.S. Guess Daniel has been disappeared! Is it a policy here to not allow Mfg. representation?
Talked to TW. I'm back! (and they re-posted my email)

We liked the suggestion of making my name "Babolat Official." Things in the works. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions, or just want to talk racquets, tennis, etc.

I normally play with the Aeropro Drive, RPM 18 @ 50 lbs (w/ leather grip). This forum inspired me to string up a Pure Storm (RPM 18 @ 45 lbs). Felt better on returns, volleys and overall pinpoint control, but wasn't getting the pop on my serve or heavy spin on topspin ground strokes. Jury is still out on slices. Pure Storm comes through the ball better, but the ball wasn't kicking up per usual. I'm going to take it to doubles night next week and see how it plays in match.

Glad to be here! And again, no new technology for the Pure Storm in 2013.

-Daniel from Babolat
Babolat Aeropro Drive PLAY. RPM Blast 17 @48 lbs (constant pull, Sensor Expert)
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