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Originally Posted by Arthuro View Post
This should be a badge of honor, since it means that whoever Prince signs actually has to use their technology. The same technology by the way they are selling to the public as revolutionary.

It's sad that we live in such a world were a company with a solid product is being outclassed because they cannot afford to sign players to bolster their lies to a mostly ignorant tennis public.
You're right. And that's what I like about the players that actually use ported racquets: even if it's a pj, at least it uses the same tech that's available to the public.

And many are ignorant to the fact that pro players don't switch racquets every product cycle (most pros don't switch more than once or twice during their entire careers). The fact that pros don't want to risk switching racquets (let alone, new tech like o-ports), is why it was so hard for Prince to secure pro contracts.
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