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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Because Gimeno wanted to play tennis for guaranteed prize money. That's why they all turned professional, unless they were purely motivated by the desire to test themselves against the very best players. A dominant amateur champion would be the most in demand for a big professional contract, but a player could turn professional and play on the pro tour whenever they wished, although they wouldn't last long unless they could live with the demands of the tour and the high standard of tennis involved, and also be able to live with the fact that they would likely burn their bridges with the amateur game for good if they turned pro. I only know of Cochet and J. Kozeluh who were allowed back into the amateurs after playing professionally.

I'm not assuming. What gave you that idea?

But he was runner-up in 3 pro majors in the era of Laver and Rosewall, and he later did win the 1972 French Open. I also think the French Pro moving from the clay of Roland Garros to the indoor wood at the Stade Coubertin in 1963, hurt Gimeno's chances of winning that tournament.

That's like saying Segura "gave up" on his amateur career. And I'm certainly not going to criticise Gimeno for playing tennis for guaranteed prize money and having a very good pro career.
If they had strong talent, they waited to win a major, and make a huge amount more in their first contract.
In the 1960's, the amateur game had more money. Look at Emmo and Santana, they made more as amateurs.
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