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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Those difficulties lasted about three or four weeks, witness Rosewall, Hoad, Cooper won his first match against Gonzales, Laver won his first big match against Rosewall, and stumbled only when he got tired.
The difference has been overstated.
You miss the point again, I'm afraid: Rosewall, Hoad, Cooper and others did NOT cope with the seasoned pros for several MONTHS. Winning one match does not mean too much. For instance you know that Gonzalez beat Cooper 14:0 matches.

You belittle Rosewall when writing that he only beat Laver in early 1963 because Laver got tired.

Dan, I cannot understand that you use to give strange statements and that you accept to get so many boxes on the ears by myself and others. I cannot imagine it's pleasant for you. Sometimes I have the impression that you just want to provoke contradiction. But I respect your great knowledge about tennis history.
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