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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Many people including myself don't expect any player to break his slam record, and certainly not a span of 6 years(2003-2009). This is the reason why his goat status went down. Especially when his era is comparable to Federer(eg slams having 3 surfaces, no split fields).
I was mentioning before that the only thing now that Sampras has done that Federer hasn't, is finish 6 calendar years as world number 1. Everything else Sampras has done, Federer seems to have equalled or surpassed. Unless I'm missing something?

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Had Fed never broke Sampras's record, or let say he won only 12 slams, but he managed to win a Grand Slam. Guess what? The situation between Laver and Sampras would be reverse. Sampras would still be strong in contention as a goat, because he still has his 14 slam records. But Laver, his most impressive achievement is the 69 GS is overshadowed by Roger's modern GS. Laver would take a big hit. No doubt.
Why do you think a Grand Slam is harder today than in 1969? The grass-courts of Brisbane, Wimbledon and Forest Hills were very different in 1969. Brisbane was hot and high bouncing for a grass-court, Wimbledon had a firm bounce for the most part, but Forest Hills had awful muddy conditions where the ball seldom bounced much at all.

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