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Sometimes you just have a find a way to win. I learned this is 3.5 adult league last year when I accidentally found a way to win by simply slicing all of my backhands to my opponent in a really tough match.

I know it sounds strange, but I was losing most of the topspin drive backhand to backhand exchanges. This caused me to try to "up" the other areas of my game and rely on more "go for broke" shots. This caused me to break down in the first set, losing 7-5. I was down 4-1, got some "good percentages" and came back, but ultimately the law of averages struck and those "go for broke" shots could not carry me.

After losing the first set I was almost ready to give up because I knew that my play couldnt get much more "favorable" for me and that it would only get worse. I pretty much gave up.

-I started rolling my serves in attempting to save some strain on my shoulder.
-I mostly hit to the center of the court, as hard as I could as if I was practicing.
-I started slicing all my backhands.

For some strange reason, he just could not handle my slice. His timing was so off he was spraying balls all over the place. He tried to slice back at one point, but because he has a 2HBH, I guess he never learned the slice or practiced it very much.

Before I knew it, I was up 3-0 having broken him twice. I won the set 6-2 and won the tie break 6-10. This guys team went to the 3.5 adult league sectionals but after this loss they never put him in singles again lol... I kept an eye on him but I guess I beat a "doubles player". Previous to that he played all singles. LOL
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