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I'm not sure. I've never been really happy with my serve, as I know there is always room for further improvement. Sure, I can serve big, but that's not what is always going to win me matches. It takes a break to win right?

It's a tough call. It's almost as though the serve is built up from dozens of little quirks and details, and even the smallest thing can really change you're entire motion. Ex: I used to do a really low toss, and abbreviated motion, think Dologopolov. After some much needed help in the last month or so, with a drastically higher ball toss I've somehow morphed from pure platform into a hybrid stance with loads more pace and accuracy, similar to a higher wind up style of Berdych/Soderling. It's such a small factor such as the ball toss, but it ended up completely revamping my serve motion without much thought from my own end, and is producing much, much better results.

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