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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
2nd opinion from orthopaedic doc says torn meniscus, cracked bone near my kneecap, or both. MRI next Tuesday!

What bone is cracked?

Your MRI will be examined by a specialist at the imaging lab. That Dr will write a report for your orthopedic Dr. Suggest that you request a copy of that report from the imaging lab as it is a checklist of the conditions of most structures in your knee. Research each term mentioned in the MRI report and the condition described. My MRI did not show the meniscus tear definitively but the MRI image was 'consistent with' a torn meniscus injury.

I asked the Dr if I could see how my injury would heal. It was OK to try with my injury. He guessed the probabilities - 25% it would heal and 75% it would need surgery. After 4 months I felt that it would not heal on its own and got arthroscopic surgery. Good result for the 1999 injury & surgery.

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