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Originally Posted by Spokewench View Post
You will not find the names of a grievance committee.
Yes and no, Spokewench. The members of our District's Grievance Committee are posted on the District website (even though the logo at the top of the page is of our Section). But I agree with you on the local level, at least here in the metro Richmond area. Our "leagues" are broken up over three different LLCs (yes, the legal definition of Limited Liability Corporations....and having nothing "official" to do with USTA)...and none of their websites list any specific info on who the Committee members are.

Shame on them, I say. Transparency is the name of the game. We're not talking National Security here. It's sad that reality pushes them towards secrecy but really? Some Districts/Sections are very upfront about their grievances and sanctions. I wish they all were. Maybe it'd knock down some of this nonsense that's bandied about.

I happen to know four of our varied LCs and think they do a fine job given all the parameters they have to work in. And, because of my interaction with them, I know quite well at least one member of our local grievance committee (I also think I found it somewhere, on some website, but can't reconfirm it at the moment)....and know that individual to be a fair and representative person of our very vibrant tennis community.

Again, I'll say, I wish all the inner workings of USTA were more open.

To the OP, Spokewench gave you the best advice: state your case as best you can, with as much corroboration as you can...and let the chips fall where they may. This issue isn't so much one of self-rate...but rather one of the rules. Given what you've explained, I doubt serious harm was intended...just that the spirit of the Rules may not have been accomplished.
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