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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
I would agree with Drakulie. It will be different but that does not make it better. There will be greater initial tension loss if you pull once rather than twice. That is only a problem if you don't like the lower tension.

Let's say the OP experiments with the same string at different tensions for several months. If he always pulls once, he will arrive at a tension that works perfectly for him. If he always pulled twice, he would still arrive at the same actual tension that works perfectly for him. The difference is that he will be using a higher setting on the single pull machine to compensate for the greater initial tension loss.

In the end, it is exactly as Drakulie said - double pulling is not better just different.
I agree with you except for one thing. Because you must use higher tension to arrive at the same final result over time you could very well be causing more fatigue in the string with that initial higher pull. Then you end up with a racket you may or may not want to play with immediately. I think it is better for the string to put less stress on the string by using lower tensions to get to the same final tension and have a racket that feels good and results in less tension loss.

EDIT: Also the OP said he did not like the lower tension and he likes the boardy feel and played with Kevlar mains I believe.

Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
ok thx, I actually like as boardy a feel as I can get. I string kevlar mains at 70lbs and skip the outer mains like you did at one time. I'm wondering how high I can go before I stress the frame too much.
From this post I am assuming he wants the lowest pulling tension that produces the highest final stringbed tension. Using a lockout machine that would be pulling more than once. Pre-stretching will not produce as high a tension as double pulling.
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