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Originally Posted by TonLars View Post
This info came straight from Head today actually:

2013 will bring a new HEAD technology. We will use a new material called Graphene which enabled us to create a completely new and patented way to redistribute weight from the middle of the racquet to the tip and the grip. This provides more power and maneuverability in a lighter racquet! Novak and Maria will be launching this new technology in the Speed and the Instinct. We will also launch a completely new Power Series with 3 racquets that fit perfectly into HEAD segmentation: the Prestige PWR, the Speed PWR and the Instinct PWR! Why should only competitive players be able to use the best known racquets?
LOL! Graphene! So Head managed to change the structure of graphite into doubly bonded graphite, or would it be aromatic graphite with resonance structures?

That's some fancy name for a new year of paintjobs.

I guess Innegra wasn't strong and light enough.

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