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PVAudio - Yeah cool man, totally understand BTW agreed with most of all your comments within. It's really hard to talk about this stuff in a productive way when the same terms mean so many different things to different people.

Yes, I am an admitted data nerd. Nothing soothes my soul more than looking at nicely organized columns of digits, and attempting to understand the secrets held therein. On the other hand, I am a tennis player too. I get it. I feel what I feel. One of my frames is strung with Dunlop Black Widow 18 at 54lbs. When I'm returning a big server who can dish out lots of pace and rpms, it just seems like the ball stays in the stringbed forever, first sliding, then unwinding whilst I undo all the spin of the incoming ball, and attempt to reverse it with my own top spin and send it back. I can certainly understand why peeps search for a way to describe this sensation which seems to last forever and settle on dwell time.

What is actually happening is most of the impact sensation you feel (especially when you contact outside the sweet spot, and especially near the tip) is the residual frame vibration that occurs well after the ball exits the string bed. I could explain more about that, but that last post wore me out. Another day perhaps.

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