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Steffi Graf

1986 U.S Open- Should have finished off Martina in semis and won title.

1987 Australian Open- Should have played, probably would have won.

1989 French Open- No idea how she blew this, and a historic 2nd straight Grand Slam. Total choke at end of 1st and 3rd sets.

1990 French Open- Would have won had she closed out 1st set tiebreaker.

1991 Australian Open- Should have won over Novotna after Jana choked trying to serve it out. Would have most likely beaten Seles in final at this point, as it this stage I think she still had edge in the matchup.

1992 French Open- Should have won over Seles after making amazing comeback in 3rd set and getting on verge of victory, with Seles and her not exceptional serve needing to serve to stay in it 3 times straight. Got tight and blew it in end.

1994 Wimbledon- Should have been able to close out 2nd set over McNeil with all her chances, and had she done so most likely wins 3rd, and cruises through this weak Wimbledon.

1994 U.S Open- Needless to say should have closed out this match, even with her injury.

1999 Wimbledon- Should have won this final. Even with her subpar play and Davenport's great play, Graf had many more chances to break throughout the match, had the 2nd set probably won without missing an easy forehand at 15-30 on Davenport's serving to stay in set, etc..
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