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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I don't know if they were the team to beat from the get go last year, but they undeniably became the team to beat.

When you have Pops and Timmy, you can do a lot of things wrong and still win. They're not flashy, never been, but they get easy buckets, and that's always fun to watch. So I don't understand why people say they're boring.

As Kenny Smith said last year: "They're surgical."
They were 2nd in scoring and 1st in FG & 3pt pct last year. Just because they don't have the big name superstars or play in the big market they get no love from casual fans and most of the media, while schmuck teams like the Nets and Knicks get the spotlight. Most real fans know that SA can get it done if they stay healthy.

Oh and Westbrook (soy's boy) still stinks as a clutch player and true PG. He was literally lost on that last play.

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