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I'm not sure what I did not make clear with an earlier post but I have actually held and swung the frames and also put an IG 315 and Pro next too and over it and the new model is completely different - wider frame, thinner profile to the beam, narrower head and longer mains/lower throat. The sell on the technology is that the graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and incredibly light, by putting it in the throat (an area that is normally heavier with traditional construction) they can then put more weight in the top of the hoop and handle. It certainly feels more polarised to swing and is different from the IG as well as faster through the air due to the profile, however as I was unable to hit with it I can't tell you more than that.
The PWR range has head sizes of 115in for the Speed and Instinct version to 107in for the Prestige version.
Whatever the perception of a picture you will soon be able to see for yourself as they are released.
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