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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
And the Steam 96? Very light stock but it could be a great platform for customizing.
Steam 96 felt like a BLX Tour. Same "hammer" type of frame. Not at all the same feel as the 99 and 99S or the current BLX Steam 100.

Thank you for the reply. I apologize for the confusion, but when you say "bite" do you mean movement/severity of spin (as opposed to sheer velocity)? If so, would it be safe to say that it's the exo tour 100 (hopefully w/ better control) vs. apdgt battle on a higher level? Thanks again.
With Bite i mean the racquets ability to grip the ball with the strings.

The Steam 99S is much different to the EXO3 Tour 100. It feels more solid at impact compared to the Tour 100 and has a crispier feel.

The Steam 99 is also very good but not the same spin as the 99S (ofcourse..) but the 99 also feels a bit more stiff compared to 99S. I played 2 balls at the time with 99 and the 2 balls 99S and if you are a flat hitter the 99 is better but if you like to hit spin and slice and specially kick and slice serves, the 99S is wicked. I hit some crazy kickserves that curved like crazy into the box.

Im longing for January so i can stock up on this frame actually. Only problem might be the strings will snap very quick. The 4Gs was pretty well worn after the approx 45 minutes i used the 99S
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