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My comparison between a D1 coach and a CEO merely illustrates that "salary" isnt everything. Most people will only get their "salary" and that's it. Lucky people will get medical/dental for them and their family, life for themselves, and a basic 401k with job security.

Not many people will be able to understand a 6 figure base salary; profit sharing; expense accounts; benefits; compensatory, severance, early termination clauses; and bonuses, as part of a "pay package".

This, combined with the experience he's gained in this position, qualifies him for some cush job at a country club as the resident pro once hes tired of the "tour" lifestyle.

"Pro" at a "country club" at 65 years old, base salary of 85k to sit in an office, and then do privates every once in a while for $85/h 2-3 times a week.

They are very well compensated.
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