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OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Volkl Gripper 16. It was not too bad to string up since the surface was smoother than it looked.

Tension it is strung: 54 pounds on an crank machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Discho Microfibre 54 pounds full bed
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 18
Power (or lack there of): Medium/high powered multi
Feel: Good feel
Tension maintenance: I did test it with RacquetTune but it broke before I got a 2nd reading.
Price: $13.99
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: This is an average multi at an above average price.

Serve/Return of Serve: I liked this string on serves. Had some nice pop but I was disappointed with spin. With the texture, I was expecting some more spin. Returns seemed about average.

Strokes: Average spin on both wings. Just average in every category.

Volleys: Pretty good in this department especially on touch volleys.

Touch shots: My drop shots seemed to be effective with this string.

Softness: Feels fairly soft but again it could be that the Exo Tour is the softest frame out there.

Tension: Seemed about right for my game. Had a few random flyers but I think that was just due to me overhitting and not realizing it.

Durability: The strings looked beat up pretty quickly but I got 5 long sets of singles out of them before they broke. I'm sure in another frame they would last longer than 5 hours.

Movement: String movement was terrible but everything so far moves like crazy in the Exo.

Conclusion: There are quite a few multis out there at the same price that are definitely better than this one. If they dropped the price to around the $10 mark then it would be a better value.
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