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Spokewench is correct. Grievance committee members get involved in contentious situations, and they should not be subjected to harassing communication if they rule against someone. And believe me, more people than you think will stoop to very low levels if they don’t get their way. Physical threats, showing up on the committee member’s doorstep, calling them at work…….you name it.

Another reason that some leagues don’t post their grievance committee names is because the committee changes frequently. Some committee members serve faithfully for years. Others have a bad experience in a grievance and suddenly become “unavailable” when other grievances come along. It’s a passive way of getting out of serving on the committee without actually quitting, and it happens all the time. That means local coordinators have to constantly add new members to the committee.

I have served on many local grievance committees and a district level committee. I also have an unlisted phone number.
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