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I cant believe people are saying that grievance committee members are "unlisted" because of harassment. That's just hilarious.

Look, when someone goes to trial for something, literally everyone's who is involved has their name listed somewhere. Only in very extreme cases are names withheld. I'm talking about career criminals who have nothing to lose knowing the names of the prosecutors, judges, arresting officers, even the damn clerks.

And people on "grievance committees" are supposedly withholding their names because of potential backlash from players involved in grievances.

I mean, when you play a USTA league match, they have your first and last name as well as your captains. I suppose all of these "sore losers" are looking you up in the telephone book and calling your house about a bad line call you made a month prior.

Maybe USTA should blank out names from tennislink so people dont know your real name because they might harass you if you beat them.


Chances are, if you cant find the names, you're looking in the wrong place. Think of it like finding the sex offenders in your area. You cant just call the local police station and expect them to start giving all this information to you. You have to look in the right place.
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