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Don't know where you guys play, but where I come from, I'm in awe of watching a 4.0 match. They look pro to me, no one pushes in my area at that level. They serve so fast that I'd run away from the ball if it was served to me. Their groundies are easily faster than my hardest forehand. Its picture perfect tennis IMO.

Now the 3.0's in my area, that's a different story... but 4.0s, never. And don't even get me started on the 4.5's. And the one 5.0 that I'm friends with is sponsored by Prince and Addidas.

But then again, watching ppl that are better than you can have an illusion of "magical" when you don't understand what they are doing. Perhaps once you're in the 4.0 club, then looking around at other 4.0s you tend to notice little differences, and could even label some play as "pushing"... even if that same play would demolish a 3.0 without even trying.
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