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Originally Posted by xeropwnage View Post
An idea I was considering: play with the same racquet for maybe like three months, then switch to the other. If poly dies as quick as I've read, then there should be a noticeable difference between the two. I'm not sure how fresh the strings on the other racquet will be after three months and my game will probably suffer, but this tactic might be more effective in helping me to identify the difference..
You're using poly for 3 months? I promise you that the strings died a loooong time ago. I don't know how often you play, but those strings probably died after two weeks. If you're playing one match per week, then maybe three weeks.

How about this. String up two identical racquets with the same strings and same tension. rotate them out once per week. Two racquets will keep you happy for 6 weeks of play time.

Then, cut them out and re-string. Rinse and repeat every 6 weeks. If your amount of playing increases, that will affect when you re-string.

Again, with poly, it will die looong before it breaks (unless you are a string breaker). If you don't notice the strings getting stiffer and stiffer as they die, then either you've got superman elbows, or you string under 40 lbs.

Another hallmark of a dying poly string is "spraying". Your shots stop landing in. Control goes way down and power goes up. This is due to string fatigue and tension loss. Poly loses tension like my old '81 Toyota Cressida loses oil.
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