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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
You might want to look into the descriptions/requirements for 'high performance' and 'junior excellence' programs. At clubs in my area these types of programs are for tournament players and high school varsity players, or by invite only. If she's 8 and has been playing less than a year you are still talking about beginner lessons.
Her current junior beginner class is ending this week. I am going to talk to several clubs in the area and see if there is a program that fits her needs. The dilemma is she's not a tournament level player yet but she needs to practice several times a week. And it's difficult to practice with her several times a week because of the expensive court fees and availability during the Winter. I'm hoping there will be some type of developmental program for advanced junior beginners that meet several times a week. It will probably be expensive but that's just something my wife and I will have to decide if it's worth it.

Thanks for all the replies!
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