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Strung it up today, at 52 lbs. I didn't know how the prestretch would effect it, so I just strung it up at my normal benchmark tension. Not much stretch in the string when tensioning. Now a major pet peeve. These string companies need to start including more string in the package. A set of 40ft should have 45ft of string in it. For me to reach the tension head comfortably for the last 2 mains, I had to bridge the last 2 crosses. Tying the knot, I was left with a finger nail length of string to cut off. Just a thought.

I should be playing Saturday, but Sandy has launched a couple of trees onto my favorite local courts... I will have to relocate.
Absolutely true. Companies should seriously adopt the standard 12m instead of 40ft. While many frames are fine, the past few sets of SPPP and SPPPure I've strung have required bridging on different frames. Interestingly, Dunlop seems to give like 12.5m of string because I always have an absurd amount left over. Don't even get me started on Alien who only gives you 38ft.

Before someone says it, yes, I know I can look up and see how many feet the mains and crosses will require for a given racquet.
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