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I got *very* lucky this year. I've co-captained a lot, but this year my 3.0 captain got bumped to 3.5 so I reluctantly stepped up. After a lot of hand wringing to get people we came up with exactly 8. We need 8 for each week (yikes!). I tried to get at least one extra, but no such luck.

So far we've only had to default a singles court once and that was on a player's planned vacation. Every other planned absence has been on our Bye weeks. What are the odds that all 8 people can actually play every week? And I got checks for court fees from everyone the first night I requested them.

Even with that luck and ease - captaining is still a PITA. I think next season I'm not stepping up. I want to just show up when & where I'm told to, told where & with whom I'm playing, and how much money to give someone.
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