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Donald Young (off hand cannot think of another who got as much hype)
Anna Kournikova
Maggie Maleeva (how the heck did she get to #4?)
Mirjana Lucic
Jelena Dokic
Alexandra Stevenson
Magdalena Maleeva was not a bust. She was a solid top 10/top 15 player for a few years which was the max of her potential. She was merely a power baseliner/ball basher, and there were alot better than her, and her mental strength, mobility, and consistency were all horrible. She followed well in the footsteps of her sisters, but Manuela was more talented than the other two, hence why she lasted by far the longest in the top 10.

Her #4 ranking was a rankings aberration, nothing more, she never did anything to deserve that.
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