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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
The point again is that playing as much as you evidently do is simply asking for trouble, as you don't allow your body enough rest periods to heal.
Unless it's a State Tournament I typically only play twice a week. Monday and Thursday nights. If I miss one of those days I may play on Saturday morning.

Originally Posted by Frank Silbermann View Post
Do pros play five matches in three days? No, they do not. No one should, except maybe ten year-olds.
Maybe you should send that information to the USTA of NC who set up the schedule for the State Tournament.

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
What bone is cracked?

Suggest that you request a copy of that report from the imaging lab as it is a checklist of the conditions of most structures in your knee. Research each term mentioned in the MRI report and the condition described.
It's on the inside of my lower leg bone, right below my kneecap. It looks like a small (maybe an inch long or so) diagonal line at the top of the bone with what looks like a small protrusion sticking out the side (doc said it looks like where the bone was trying to heal itself).

Thank you for that advice. I'll to remember to ask for that information and do the research.

Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
TripleB has posted in the past about playing three hours seemingly every day after work, then playing more than this on weekends. This is insanity.
As stated above, unless it's a state tourney (or I have some amazing demos), I typically only play twice a week. Coming from somebody who at one point ran over 30 miles a week, 6 hours of tennis doesn't feel like a lot.

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