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Default Reviving a Tennis Tutor ball machine.

I am about to finish restoring an old Tennis Tutor ball machine that I acquired off Craigs List. Didn't show any signs of life at all. Turns out several of the rocker switches had bad contacts. Not sure if they got oil in them or what. I cleaned them up & it all works except that the power switch doesn't do anything. It's always on despite the switch ohming out fine. Anyway I called Sports Tutor & talked to tech to check to see if I got the wires right & I had. He said that he would send me a new power switch & the elevation switch at no charge. This machine was bought in the mid 90s, sold & sold again on CL to me & the company supports it in this manner. Apart from it being a solidly built machine, the support is exceptional. I love doing business with small American companies!

I just think that things should work the way I expect them to.
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