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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
It's on the inside of my lower leg bone, right below my kneecap. It looks like a small (maybe an inch long or so) diagonal line at the top of the bone with what looks like a small protrusion sticking out the side (doc said it looks like where the bone was trying to heal itself).
What you describe sounds like a tibial plateau fracture, especially given all the swelling you initially had. If that is indeed what it is (sometimes hard to tell from just a general verbal description), the need for surgery depends on if there is any dislocation, displacement, or joint instability. If there is an accompanying meniscal tear, that may (or may not) be a further reason for surgical treatment, depending on the nature and extent of the tear.

The other thing to be concerned with about tibial plateau fractures is the occurrence of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (which has permanent effects), especially if the fracture does not heal well and which is more likely in individuals over age 50. Actually, the majority of tibial plateau fractures occur in people over age 50.

Bottom line... the tibial plateau is a critcal weight-bearing joint. If you have this fracture, do what your orthopaedist says and don't try to push to get back to activity sooner than recommended. If the ortho says no more tennis (I hope not), he/she means it.

I wish you well, hope it all turns out to be much more benign than it sounds, and that you make a good recovery.
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