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I captained 1 week while our captain and co-captain were away at nationals.

That's all I ever want to do.

For me, I dont see how people cant simply do what they say they will do, how easily they back out of things, and how lightly they take things even at the expense of others.

It's a good thing when im in charge of something I dont have these typical "rec tennis personalities" at the helm while im asleep.

I've never been a manager at McDonalds but I feel like being a league rep or captain is similar to dealing with a bunch adults with teenager lifestyles.

They cant play because:

-They have "other things" to do
-They didnt get up in time
-They dont like the line/person/team
-They just dont show up
-They "forgot"
-They just dont "want" to

Not to mention:

-They may not always pay their way/share
-"Drama" 24/7 about anything imaginable
-Lying/stealing/cheating happen way more often than they should
-Habitually late, no cause for concern


I dont think these adults are like that in their normal lives. Somehow when it comes to league tennis everyone becomes a teenager again. What is it about league tennis that seems to bring out the worse in people?
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."

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